Comprehensive Assessment and Evaluation

Espenshade Counseling will conduct a thorough assessment and evaluation of individuals struggling with mental health, substance abuse issues, and/or behavioral addictions.  We will obtain a biopsychosocial history of the client, formulate a diagnosis, identify problematic behaviors, provide recommendations, develop a treatment plan and/or initiate referrals when deemed appropriate.  

Intervention Services

Espenshade Counseling will assist families and loved ones with formal and informal interventions to engage individuals struggling with substance abuse, behavioral addictions or mental health in treatment at the appropriate level of care utilizing a nonconfrontational, compassionate, structured family approach.   We will meet with families and loved ones to obtain a history of the problematic behavior(s), provide education, identify barriers, develop a plan, discuss treatment options, coordinate referrals , initiate intervention and provide ongoing support throughout the treatment process.

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Consultation Services

Espenshade Counseling will provide consultation services to individuals, families, and/or professionals regarding treatment options for individuals exhibiting problematic behaviors.


After completing a comprehensive assessment and evaluation if a higher level of care seems appropriate due to the severity of the problematic behavior and/or in the event the client may be medically or psychiatrictly compromised we will initiate a referral to a suitable residential treatment facility.  We will continue to support the client and the family throughout the treatment process and will collaborate with inpatient treatment providers to ensure continuity of care.

Individual Counseling

Weekly or bi-weekly individual counseling sessions to individuals struggling with substance abuse disorders, addictive behaviors and/or other co-occurring disorders.  Our clinicians use evidence- based practices including CBT, motivational interviewing, DBT, solution focused therapy,  and experiential therapy in conjunction with concepts from the 12 step model and SMART recovery.

Group Counseling

In recognition of the importance of peer support as part of the recovery process we offer structured group counseling sessions to adolescents, young adults and parents to provide additional support and education to individuals and families struggling with substance abuse or mental health issues.

Family Counseling

Considering that substance abuse and mental health issues can be extremely detrimental to family dynamics, family counseling is highly recommended to help the family cope and heal. Our clinicians are trained in Community Reinforcement And Family Training (CRAFT) which has demonstrated statistically results in improving overall wellbeing of family memebers and  promoting engagement of addicted indivuals in treatment.   We are committed to providing support to families in all stages of the recovery process.  Family engagement promotes better outcomes for individuals struggling with substance abuse issues, addictive behaviors and/or chronic mental health issues.

Recovery Coaching  

Maintaining recovery is a long-term process which requires tremendous commitment and on-going, non-clinical, support.  With that in mind, our practice offers recovery coaching/management services to our clients.  Independent studies of coaching/management services have shown that clients/families experience enhanced engagement, superior access to support, longer utilization of treatment, fewer episodes of relapse, and increased likelihood of maintaining recovery.  A personal recovery coach is available to individuals/families inside and outside of the formal office setting via phone, text, email and face to face meetings.  A recovery coach, along with our clinicians, will collaborate with physicians, school counselors and treatment providers to ensure continuity of care and to promote the recovery process.

In certain circumstances, individuals and families may feel that additional support is necessary in the community during high risk times.  A recovery coach provides additional support to the individual and families in the community and can be a sober companion when deemed appropriate.  Our recovery specialists can also provide sober transport to and from treatment facilities throughout the country. 


Recovery Management/Case Management