The TEAMS program was developed in response to a growing need for a more integrated, holistic approach to treating Trauma, Eating Disorders, Addiction and Mental Health issues, and to promote more continuity of care for individuals and families.  The current landscape of behavioral health treatment is very fragmented and difficult to navigate.  We recognize the need for continuity and simplicity to accessing services.  

Although there are a multitude of options, identifying the right treatment option for yourself or your loved one is very challenging and overwhelming.  Healing is a process and requires a multi-systematic approach versus the traditional unilateral approach that often results in less than desirable outcomes and high levels of frustration.  Our goal is to promote healing, improve outcomes, prevent re-admissions to hospitals and residential treatment facilities, and help individuals and families struggling with behavioral health issues live healthy, productive lives.  TEAMS provides individuals and families with the cohesive framework and support to achieve this goal.