Comprehensive Assessment and Evaluation

Espenshade Counseling will conduct a comprehensive bio-psychosocial assessment and evaluation of individuals and families seeking support for mental health issues and/or addictive disorders.  This process consists of obtaining a thorough clinical history from the individual, family members, and collateral contacts to identify problematic behaviors, provide recommendations while developing a treatment plan and/or initiate referrals if and when deemed appropriate.  


Intervention Services

Espenshade Counseling will assist families and loved ones with formal and informal interventions to engage individuals struggling with substance abuse, behavioral addictions, or mental health, in treatment at the appropriate level of care utilizing a non-confrontational, compassionate, structured family approach.   We will meet with families and loved ones to obtain a history of the problematic behavior(s), provide education, identify barriers, develop a plan, discuss treatment options, coordinate referrals, initiate intervention, and provide ongoing support throughout the treatment process.


TreATMENt Consultation and Intensive CASE mANAGEMENT Services

Identifying the appropriate treatment for a loved one can be an incredibly overwhelming and daunting process requiring a lot of time and attention. Our Founder and CEO will assist families in identifying the appropriate level of care and treatment setting for your loved one based on presenting problems, age, gender, treatment history, personal preferences, and any other relevant information.  Sarah is committed to promoting sustainable change and long term recovery from any and all behavioral health issues that may be interfering with one's life.  Sarah draws upon her  extensive network of outpatient, inpatient and residential providers that she works with to match individuals to the appropriate treatment at all levels of care.  Sarah will not refer to a provider or a facility without prior investigation of the facility which includes a reference check.  Sarah uses her extensive clinical experience and  knowledge of resources to guide the individual and family throughout the process while providing continuous support and oversight of the case.   



After completing a comprehensive assessment and evaluation, if a higher level of care seems appropriate due to the severity of the problematic behavior and/or, in the event the client may be medically or psychiatrically compromised, we will initiate a referral to a suitable residential treatment facility.  We will continue to support the client and the family throughout the treatment process and will collaborate with inpatient treatment providers to ensure continuity of care.


Individual Counseling

Weekly or bi-weekly individual counseling sessions are available to individuals struggling with mental health issues, substance abuse disorders, and/or process addictions.  Our clinicians use evidence-based practices including CBT, motivational interviewing, DBT, solution focused therapy, EMDR, ACT, and experiential therapy in conjunction with concepts from the 12 step model and SMART recovery.


Group Counseling

In recognition of the importance of peer support as part of the recovery process, we offer structured group counseling sessions to adolescents, young adults, and parents to provide additional support and education to individuals and families struggling with substance abuse or mental health issues.


Family Counseling

Considering that substance abuse and mental health issues can be extremely detrimental to family dynamics, family counseling is highly recommended to help the family cope and heal.  Our clinicians are trained in Community Reinforcement And Family Training (CRAFT) which has demonstrated results in improving overall well-being of family members, and promoting engagement of addicted individuals in treatment.  We are committed to providing support to families in all stages of the recovery process. Family engagement promotes better outcomes for individuals struggling with substance abuse issues, addictive behaviors, and/or chronic mental health issues.



In order to expedite the healing process, we offer family intensives which are a hybrid of didactic and experiential exercises intended to provide couples or families with foundational skills necessary to promote healing, or the opportunity to address complex issues requiring intensive clinical support beyond the confines of a traditional clinical setting.  This service is individualized to family and duration will be determined after conducting a comprehensive assessment and obtaining collateral information from previous or existing treatment providers.  An individual or team of clinicians will be assigned to work exclusively with the couple or family based on the presenting problems identified during our comprehensive assessment, which is conducted either over the phone or in person. Schedule, content, and clinical focus is highly customized to the needs and goals of the couple or family.  The average duration is 2-4 days at a location of the couple or family's choice.  


Recovery Coaching

Maintaining recovery is a long-term process which requires tremendous commitment and on-going, non-clinical support. With that in mind, our practice offers individual and family coaching services to our clients.  Independent studies of coaching/management services have shown that clients/families experience enhanced engagement, superior access to support, longer utilization of treatment, fewer episodes of relapse, and increased likelihood of maintaining recovery.  A personal recovery coach is available to individuals/families inside and outside of the formal office setting via phone, text, email, and face-to-face meetings.  A recovery coach, along with our clinicians, will collaborate with physicians, school counselors, and treatment providers to ensure continuity of care and to promote the recovery process.


Eating Disorder Coaching

Recovering from an eating disorder can be very complex and challenging for individuals and families. ED coaching in conjunction with specialized clinical support can increase the likelihood of recovery from an eating disorder astronomically.  An ED coach can provide the client with meal support, meal planning and preparation, grocery shopping, clothing shopping, and additional accountability to promote compliance.  This additional support significantly reduces the stress of family members by relieving them of the responsibility of policing their loved one, allowing the family to establish or re-establish healthy relationships and healing.

Sober Companionship

In some circumstances, individuals and families may feel that additional support is necessary in the community during high risk times.  A recovery coach provides additional support to the individual and families in the community and can be a sober companion when deemed appropriate. 


Sober Transport

Recovery specialists are on call to provide sober transport to and from treatment facilities throughout the country in the event that someone is in need of safe, escorted transportation.


INTENSIVE Case Management Services

To address the fact that the mental health system tends to be extremely fragmented and difficult to navigate, we offer intensive case management services to help individuals and families coordinate all levels of care in order improve compliance and promote better outcomes.  These services include: care planning, clinical oversight of the case, coordination of all levels of care, aftercare planning, developing a daily schedule, routine urine drug screens, mobile breathalyzer devices (, GPS monitoring, initiating referrals, family updates, scheduling appointments, arranging transportation, identifying and coordinating employment and academic opportunities, resume building, career counseling, and mock interviewing. We also have a legal professional on-site to provide legal consultation.