What We Do

Established in 2015 by Sarah Espenshade LCSW CAADC, Espenshade Counseling is a concierge style outpatient mental health counseling, coaching and case management provider servicing individuals and families ages 5-65. Our vision is to provide an alternative to traditional unilateral treatment approaches by offering a wrap around system of care consisting of clinical and non-clinical support both on- site and in the community. 

We employ a holistic, multi-systematic, strength-based approach to treating mental health issues and addiction. Issues we treat include: ADHD, Eating Disorders, Substance Use Disorders, Process Addictions, Anxiety Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, PTSD, Acute Stress Disorder, Grief and Loss Issues, Adjustment Disorders, Personality Disorders, Impulse Control Disorders, Conduct Disorders, Thought Disorders, Marital Issues, Family Issues and Failure to Launch Syndrome. 

We tailor the treatment plan to the individual and family based on presenting problems, co-occurring issues, treatment history, family dynamics, age, living situation and personal preferences. We offer a variety of treatment modalities utilizing a variety of evidenced-based practices including CBT, DBT, ACT, Exposure, Solution Focused and Experiential therapy.  We recognize that recovery is a process and we take pride in the fact that we think outside the box to promote sustainable long-term success.   We strive for overall health and well-being and are dedicated to preserving the integrity of the family.  We are also committed to serving the community by educating and consulting.

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Intervention Services

Espenshade Counseling will assist families and loved ones with formal and informal interventions to engage individuals struggling with substance abuse, behavioral addictions, or mental health in treatment at the appropriate level of care. We will meet with families and loved ones to obtain a history of the problematic behavior(s), develop a plan, discuss treatment options, coordinate referrals to inpatient treatment (when deemed appropriate), initiate intervention, and provide ongoing support throughout the treatment process.



Espenshade Counseling will provide consultation services to individuals, families, and/or professionals regarding treatment options for individuals exhibiting problematic behaviors.

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Recovery Management

A personal recovery coach is available to individuals/families inside and outside of the formal office setting via phone, text, email and face to face meetings. A recovery coach, along with our clinicians, will collaborate with physicians, school counselors and treatment providers to ensure continuity of care and to promote the recovery process.