Why do I need all of these services?

We have determined that in order to achieve long term sustainable outcomes, a multi-disciplinary approach is essential to help individuals and to recover from addiction, trauma, or serious mental illness.  This wrap-around model provides individuals with support in their own community in all areas of their life.  

Is a Coach the equivalent of a Sponsor?

No, a recovery coach is a trained masters level or certified addiction or mental professional.  In contrast with a sponsor, a coach focuses on developing life skills and removing barriers.  A coach plays an integral role in reinforcing coping skills and achieving goals established by the primary therapist.  We help individuals and families develop a treatment plan, navigate the system, advocate, coordinate all levels of care, and intervene if deemed necessary.

Why do I need a Care Advocate?

A Care Advocate is invaluable in promoting continuity of care and positive outcomes.  The Care Advocate is a liaison between all the members of the treatment team and family members, providing real-time updates to all the members of the team and regular updates to loved ones. The Care Advocate’s primary role is to coordinate care and ensure regular communication.  This allows clinicians and coaches to focus on providing treatment without compromising case management, which is essential for positive outcomes.  It also allows for increased accessibility to a member of the care team.

Will insurance cover this program?

In order to provide consistent, quality treatment with a wide scope of services, we are not currently in-network with insurance providers.  Although insurance will likely reimburse for some of our services, they will not reimburse for all of them.   This program is a long-term investment that promotes sustainable change which will save you money in the future.  

How long is this program?

The average length of this program is 1 year.  However, duration varies in accordance with the needs of the individual and the family, and rate of progress in all domains (clinical, social, recreational, education/career, life-skills, health and well-being).