how it works

To determine appropriateness and feasibility of this program option, we will obtain a comprehensive history from the individual and family, and collateral information from referring clinicians or professionals.  We will use this information to develop an individualized care plan customized to each individual or family.

In contrast with more traditional treatment approaches, TEAMS is a 3 phase multi-disciplinary approach consisting of 6 domains (clinical, health & well-being, social, educational & vocational, recreational, and life skills).  The primary focus of the first phase is assessment, education, stabilization, planning, and establishing rapport (clinical, social, recreational, basic life skills, and health and well-being).  In the second phase of treatment we start to focus on educational and/or vocational goals and provide individuals and families real-life opportunities to deal with challenges and practice using coping skills.  The focus in the third phase is maintaining and establishing long term goals.  

The level of support decreases as the individual and family progress through the phases and can be increased at any point in time if deemed necessary.  Each TEAMS client is assigned a Care Advocate, Individual Coach (Recovery Coach, Eating Disorder Coach, Life Coach), Individual Therapist, and a Family Therapist.  Additional members of the care team may include a Registered Dietitian, Physician/NP, Career Coach/Counselor, or Educational Consultant if deemed appropriate.  The entire care team will meet weekly to review the case and the Care Advocate will coordinate care, collaborate with outside professionals, and provide regular updates to the family. The Care Advocate is also responsible for devising and implementing a customized program schedule for each individual client.

This schedule consists of individual counseling, family counseling, individual coaching sessions, mutual support meetings or support groups, psychiatry or medical appointments, recreational activities, career coaching, life skills and career development workshops, financial planning seminars, and educational support.  Most clinical services and workshops will be provided on-site; coaching services are community based and tailored to the needs of the individual or family.  We will contract with outside professionals at times if additional resources are required to support an individual or family.