The Day That Turns Your Life Around

An amazing coach and mentor of mine shared with me his story – beginning with the day that turned his life around.  His experience was so meaningful and powerful that his life was never the same.  He went on to live a dynamic, healthy, and successful life.  His work impacted so many.  And he became, in my opinion, a wise old man.  As I write this, I am approaching my 44th birthday.  I should be grown up by now but I am not.  However, whenever I do grow UP – my hope is that I will have grown IN to the example he set.

At the end of my struggle – I was in very bad shape – physically, psychologically, and emotionally.  Here’s how bad:  I was experiencing hallucinations, seizures, and I was in real danger of having a heart-attack.  Oddly enough – what made the situation MOST painful was that my condition rendered me incapable of doing things which I value deeply: Reading, Writing, Speaking – and how these three things, for me, fuel each-other and make me feel like a dynamic and whole human-being.  I could not hold a pen, hold a book, or speak a meaningful sentence.  If there is a “hell” for me to arrive at – that was it.  I’ve been there.  And my condition lasted for several days.

Then magic happened – and magic doesn’t happen every day.  If magic happened every day – we probably wouldn’t call it magic.  It would just be another day.  After several days in serious danger – I awoke from my “hell”.  I was able to hold a pen and write again.  I was able to hold a book, read, and have the words make sense.  And I was able to speak again.  I was able to begin experiencing again the wholesome, enlightened, and dynamic feelings that these things bring to my life.  This is the day that turned my life around.  I had never been so grateful in my life.  I’m not sure I’ve been as grateful for anything since that day.

I shared this story with the coach/mentor I mentioned above when I was still in the early stages of recovering.  He said to me simply, “Peter….I’ve only known you for a short period but I am convinced that for things to change for you - - you’ve got to change.  If you want more than you’ve currently got – you have to BECOME more than you currently are.  And unless you become more than you are - - you’ll always have what you’ve currently got.”  Simple words from a wise old man.

You never know when or how the day that turns your life around will arrive.  The mystery of what coaxes the day’s arrival into your life is simply that: a mystery.  It could be an experience, a song, the lyrics, confrontation with an enemy, a conversation with a friend who levels with you and your life is never the same.

What is NOT a mystery is this: it’s possible to have a day that turns your life around.  Wherever you are and no matter your struggle – if you are open and become truly grateful – you too can have a day that turns your life around.  I hope you have one – you’ll never be the same.

- Peter Brizick