Tips for a Smooth Transition Back to School

As a parent I am well aware of the phenomena of “the back to school frenzy”, here are some tips to making the transition less chaotic and marginally less nerve-wracking:

  1. Start slowly adjusting your kids and yourselves back to a school bedtime schedule 1-2 weeks prior to resuming school.

  2. Order school supplies, text books, uniforms, clothes etc. in advance of the first day

  3. Plan meals for the week that are easy to prepare ie pop in the microwave, lay out breakfast and prepare bag lunches the night before

  4. Consider carpooling if your children do not ride the bus

  5. Engage in regular exercise to help manage additional stress

  6. Remember that we all in this together, the beginning of the school year is stressful for all parents and kids

  7. Expect for someone to leave something at home the first week, or miss the bus, freak out about not get the teacher they wanted or being in the same class as their best friend or we cant forget the inevitable complaints about too much homework and/or homework on weekends

  8. Disappointments are inevitable, don’t try to prevent or rescue, support and encourage, help your children advocate for themselves and solve their own problems with your guidance and support.

  9. Look for teachable moments, with every mistake or disappointment comes opportunity to learn and develop, don’t deprive your children of these opportunities

  10. Solicit support from other parents friends or potentially consider counseling

Good luck fellow parents! Here we go……